Instructions on how to turn off "the Windows Defender" 7 /8 / 8.1 / 10

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How to disable "Windows Defender" on Windows 7

The first way - Disable Windows Defender settings in the program

Open the program can be through the computer control panel. To do this, select the view mode "small icons" in the Taskbar window. After that will be available in the Control Panel, "the Windows Defender".

In the window of the defender, select "Programs."

Click the hyperlink "Settings" in the list on the left, open the parameter group "Administrator".

Uncheck "Use this program." Done!

The second way - Disable Windows Defender through service

As mentioned above, Windows 7 Defender runs as a service. Disable Windows services you can use the computer's Control Panel. Select view mode "Small Icons" and then click "Administrative Tools".

In the Administration window, click the "Services" and find the list of service Wndows Defender ".

Click the service Windows Defender the right button, select Properties, and set the startup type of service value "Disabled."

The service will no longer run. But it is to shut down your computer will continue to run. to stop it immediately, press "stop


How to disable "Windows Defender" on the Windows 8 or 8.1

Step 1. Open the Control Panel. To do this, click the Start button, right-click and select the option.

Step 2. In the search box, the Control Panel, write the word "defender". The control panel will find you have Windows Defender.

Step 3. Open Windows Defender, click on the tab "Settings" and uncheck the "Enable real-time protection (recommended).

To disable windows defender 8, you need to on your computer, do the following:
And just on your desktop windows 8, you need to move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner of your desktop windows 8.
Then the windows on the desktop will open a menu where you need to will select "Options"

When you select "Settings" on your computer to open one additional Windows menu, where you will need to select "control Panel".

then on your computer opens a window "Panel computer management" in this window will move you need the link "system and security"

When you click on the link "system and security", on your computer will open a window with additional functions. In this box at the bottom is the item "Administration", which you need to select and follow the instructions.

When you select the "Administration" on your computer to open a window in which you need to move the mouse cursor to "Services" and twice press the left mouse button.

then on your computer to open the window "Services", and in which you can disable defender Windows 8.
and so in a special window find the item "the Windows defender service" and double click the left mouse button on the item.

After then your computer will open "The Windows defender", which you need in front of the line "startup type" select "disabled" point and click "Stop".

When you click on the button "Stop" of windows defender on your computer will be turned off to complete and save the work done you have to press the "Apply" button and «OK».


How to disable "Windows Defender" on Windows 10

Go to "Start" - "Settings" (icon with a cog) - "Updating and security" - "Defender Windows»

Turn off the item "Real-time protection."

As a result, the protection will be disabled, but only for a time: about 15 minutes it turns on again.

If this option does not suit us, then there are ways and completely and permanently disable Windows Defender 10 in two ways - by using the local group policy editor or registry editor. The process with the Local Group Policy Editor is not available for Windows 10 Home.

To turn off using the Local Group Policy Editor:

Press Win + R and type gpedit.msc in the box "Run".

Go to Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - EndpointProtection .

In the right part of the local group policy editor, double-click on the item disable Endpoint Protection.

Select "on" for this option if you want to disable the defender, click "OK" and exit the editor (in the screenshot below option is called Turn off Windows defender, such is his the title was in earlier versions of Windows 10. Now -. off Endpoint Protection)

As a result, Windows defender service 10 is stopped (ie, it will be completely switched off) and you try to run Windows defender 10 you will see a message about it.

also, you can perform the same action by using registry editor:

Go to the registry editor (keys Win + R, enter the regedit)

Navigate to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \

Windows Defender Create a DWORD value named DisableAntiSpyware (if it is not in this section) .

Set this value to 0, to Windows defender has been inserted, or 1 if you want to disable it.

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