IMPORTANT Installation instructions EXLOADER in PICTURES

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0) After You have completed COMMON INSTRUCTIONS, you can proceed to install EXLOADER.

First before download EXLOADER and it should be installed: Disable antivirus и To go from steam !

2) Download EXLOADER link:

3) Extract downloaded archive with EXLOADER in any folder and see::

If there is a problem with the loader, then:
1. Try to move it to a folder with only Latin letters.
Wrong: C:\Users\PC\Desktop\Вова\loader\
Correctly: C:\Users\PC\Desktop\Vova\loader\
2. Make sure the loader is on drive C:\

5) Executable file "Installer.exe" on behalf of the administrator.

After pressing so that the console does not need to be frightened and close that's OKAY !
The console itself will close when EXLOADER will be installed !

After the console is closed, you may get this error, just close the window that's OKAY !

6) After the console is closed in the folder appears a file with a random name.

If after installing the crash, the installer can be run again.

7) Delete all files except those that appeared after launch "Installer.exe".

You should have something like this

8) Executable file with a random name, as Administrator, will open a new console, wait until it will download, that's OKAY !

9) Then You will see the login window in EXLOADER

To remove the inscription "Connect success" just click on it !

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