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Hi I have about 3 days experience with this gimmick, which may be bad for primarily English translation. During the time I've used the cheat I didn't have an account on 4game before and I've opened up to 17 levels in 3 days. The Turkish lira equivalent of the cheat amounted to approximately 85 TL for a good price for 1 month. I think the features of the hilen are quite nice but they can be improved. ESP works much better when you disable the Shadow effect (also mentioned in the description of the trick). Other than that, the Crosshair has the advantage of playing Sniper in fine, but the Crosshair should be improved a little more, so the size can be increased according to the user request. Aimbot can be called a good case in the head 44 people bought my current game, but sometimes not exactly aiming at the head of the user is a situation that can be improved. Last but not least, occasionally the trick is that the game is crashing regularly, it is a much better trick if you believe it will be a much better trick. I don't regret getting it, but as I said it should improve :) do not lose your money to other crooks.


Cheating can sometimes create Crash in the game and it needs updating :(
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The developer saw the message, but will sit down for corrections later, as there are other projects. :)
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